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Sundays September 1st - October 6th 12-1:30 pm  US Pacific Standard Time(3-4:30pm EST)on Zoom application

We spend so much time worrying about what is wrong or what we need to fix, and this is what will drive everything you want away from you, including your Twin Flame, and will attract more of the upsets you are trying to clear away! Twin Flame academy is a class designed to help change this and shift you back into who you are. 

This class is a deep dive into the art of being love in human form and a community effort and collaboration into exploring your heart, and awakening your true and highest self. Being and Living your hearts desire is true surrender, come join us and change your life today! 


Welcome to Twin Flame Academy!

Are you tired of mirroring, obsessing, chasing, and constantly thinking about your Twin Flame? Perhaps they have blocked you, the mirror exercise isn't working and you are on your last resort?Whether you know them or not, have met them, or are looking to have a real balance in your relationship, this is the course for you! We will work through everything from trauma to triggering, realigning belief systems, to letting it all go, finding ourselves and balancing our energy. At the end of the course you will feel better, and it is permanent as you shift into this. 

About the Course:

This journey is ultimately a journey of your soul, and although many other classes may offer healing methods, law of attraction, never ending mirror exercises- these things don't work if they are in the mind or in the thoughts- while avoiding the soul. Your soul doesn't need healing, just acceptance and discovery. Being in your core essence is the most healing thing you can do.

The course is in 3 main stages: practicing presence/obsessive detox, clearing limiting belief systems/push pull energy, and focusing on and finding your soul alignment. Each week we will meet over zoom, to work on the weeks lessons, and each person will get individual time in the course as well as an individual check in session during the course, included in the bundle. 

How does this process work?

What we focus on we attract, but this works differently with your Twin Flame. After working with many different teachers I developed a method that helps people find bliss and many are with their Twin Flames and very happy after working with me.

Mirroring doesn't work, because it makes you feel like there is something wrong with you and if you focus on clearing upsets, you only bring more upsets to clear out. When I realized that I was doing this and that it was actually a programming I felt not just from my teachers but from society in general. I started to work through and find what would make me feel good everyday, and easily help me find myself again. The next thing I did was to step out of the mind- constantly thinking about our twin flames actually pushes them away. getting out of the past and out of the future and into the present moment is where the deepest peace is, and it wasnt found in years of mirroring or in multiple years of videos. Everything can shift completely into alignment in a matter of a moment.

I learned how to change my thoughts about life and I worked with the law of attraction for a bit as well. This helped my mood a ton, but it didn't make a difference with my Twin Flame until I started to work with finding and developing my alignment through discovering my soul energy. Finding my real self and feeling my oneness was the alignment that I needed to attract what I wanted. It wasn't in trying to heal myself- I wasn't broken. That is to say that there is nothing wrong with us, and that as I tapped into and grew my intuition I could pull from ancient wisdom on healing. Everyone has this ability. I'm not a guru, not some self proclaimed ascended master, but this course can and will help you feel better, find your soul and love yourself like never before. If you really put in the effort, and believe in it 100% you will see results. Many of my clients have and have seen their relationships and lives improve as a result. 

The course includes 6 intimate 1.5 hour group classes, which are recorded and kept private for course attendees only on Vimeo. In addition each student will receive an hour session included with the course. 

Classes will be held Sundays 12-1:30pm US pacific standard time (3-4:30pm) on zoom meeting room app.

Payment options:

One payment of 400, reserves your spot and your session right away

Two payments of 222, one now, the other before the course starts. ( if not paid you loose the deposit)

What are you waiting for? Sign up today and change your life!


I had a very beautiful and helpful healing session with Elle Gaia last night during the group session. We went deeper in clearing our blocks to unconditional love by letting go of our old ideas around love being conditional. A lot of stuff came up for me around love hurting and abandoning me based off the abuse I experienced in the past. These are some of the same blocks I’ve been working on for a while now, but it was time to go deeper. I released energetic cords to my birth parents (first time doing so and it was very cool!), visited & released traumatic memories from my childhood, created energetic shields & repeated decrees for healthy boundaries, released my birth parents from their duties as parents, used source energy to heal my body, let out my inner honey badger during a twin flame role play (Elle channeled my twin flames higher self, Colby), worked on clearing my doubts when it comes to channeling, and found a hidden block to work more deeply on; one where I think I have to work really fucking hard at life and I end up “biting off more than I can chew.” Elle asked me to stay disciplined, but to create a healthier environment for myself where I feel safe and secure. Most importantly, we loved ourselves up a ton and invited god’s love to flow through us.

I slept so soundly last night and I woke up this morning with a ton of energy and feeling refreshed as fuck. I am so very thankful for Elle and her love. I love how willing she is to  serve gods children, Thank you! God is magnificent, this community is amazing and I love being here

Keely G

I want to give a HUGE shout-out and thank you to Elle. I was doing mirror work last night, and I manifested an anxiety attack with sever acid reflux. I almost drove to the emergency room because of the intensity of it in my chest, but I decided to have faith in this process and was guided to ask her if she was available for a session instead. She was! In less than an hour — the terrible, bitter, burning acid in my throat subsided and the tightness in my chest was released, as we released emotions with her process. Mirror work is SO powerful. 🙌🏼 We healed a lot, including the part of me which was suicidal last year.


Oh my goodness, Elle Gaia worked with me the other night on some physical symptoms I was having, using the mirror exercise to find the source, and now I can't even remember what upset we mirrored, which means it must be totally healed. Thank you, Elle! I was having issues with hypertension and some fibromyalgia-like symptoms, and since the pop-up healing class, I have not had any symptoms. Our physical body truly is connected to our spiritual selves! This class is golden.

Robin D

Loving yourself Guarantees Results

At Twin flames Gaia, we stand behind the quality of our work. All sales are final, no refunds. If you need to reschedule please email with at least 24 hours notice so that you do not forfeit your session. We are not medical professionals and spiritual advice is not medical advice, nor should it replace medical advice. You are responsible for your health. You are responsible for your spiritual work. As you love yourself you will find results. 

Spiritual work is not a substitute for medical attention, examination, diagnosis or treatment. Yoga is not recommended and is not safe under certain medical conditions and should be approved with a physician if you have concerns about it. Please advise the teacher before class if you have any current health conditions and need modifications.  Any advice given is spiritual advise and is not to replace medical care. Your participation waives liability of Twin Flames Gaia, Elle Gaia, and affiliates.

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